Tips on how to take notes when moving home

Taking notes is an essential step for home moving. It helps you find and arrange things more easily when you come to your new home. Refer to our article to learn how to take notes

Moving home consists of many stages and it seems that you cannot skip any of them. If you don’t follow a standard process, it is possible that you will encounter some problems arising while transporting and arranging furniture.

In addition to packing, you need to pay attention to taking notes. It helps you to know which items are in the carton boxes so that you will be more careful not to damage your appliances. Not only that, thanks to these notes, after the move, you can rearrange your items and decorate your new house more quickly.

To learn more about how to take notes before moving home, you should spend time referring to the detailed instructions below.

How to take note of furniture boxes when moving

Furniture notes are always an important step when moving or moving offices. Therefore, special attention must be paid to this step. For the most effective map notes, follow our instructions.

Tips on how to take notes when moving home

Classify furniture types

First of all, you should classify your furniture into different types before putting them in cartons. If you do not perform this step, you will have trouble taking notes on the packed boxes.

It is advisable to put all the items of the same type or the things that usually go together in one box. For example, this box will be used for storing fragile items such as bowls and plates, vases,and glass jars. Meanwhile, you arrange all the papers and books you in another box.

In addition, if your house has several rooms, we recommend that you classify items according to room type such as living room, bedroom A, bedroom B, workroom, and kitchen. With this classification, it is certain that you will not mistake the items of this room for those of that room.

Note down the name of each type of furniture

Cartons are clearly marked - Tips on how to take notes when moving home

Cartons are clearly marked

Sorting types of furniture certainly will make it easy for you to take notes. You just need to write down the name of the furniture type in every box. Write briefly, quickly and straightforwardly. For example, for the box containing glass jars and the dishes, please note down "fragile items". On the other hand, the word “electronics” is used for the carton with computer, players, laptops.

Note down the room type that will include items

In addition to taking notes according to furniture types, you can consider noting down each specific room. After writing the names of household appliances on the carton cover, you also note which room you want to put them.

Note down the room type that will include items

In short, the more carefully you classify and note the furniture, the more favorable the moving process becomes.

Note down according to numbers

Another tip for making notes is to number boxes for easier tracking.

It is best to make a list that includes the ordinal number, the type of item and each room used for putting these items.

Where can you hire professional home moving services?

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Tips on how to take notes when moving home

Taking notes is an essential step for home moving. It helps you find and arrange things more easily when you come to your new home. Refer to our article to learn how to take notes

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