How to choose the best moving house company

Moving house is the big step in your life. To make it easy and less stressful than its nature you should hire a moving company to help you. How you can know it is one of the best moving companies providing good services with the professional human force. We can help you and in the last article we will recommend one of the best moving house company in Vietnam.

Moving is so stressful

How we can measure the quality of services in this industry?

This is the big question that can be solved by 3 steps:

Step 1: Looking to the fame of the company providing moving house services

You can find out a lot of information on internet, through phone, or direct contact. Find keywords on Google: moving house packages, household moving, local movers, etc., you can find a lot of results with a lot of sites and articles.

Your mission now is collect the data in 3 main areas: name, local or global, which services they provide, how many years have they been in this industry, who is their partners, who is their customers, what did they say about them, etc. Make a map and place the one has the most information on top.

If you still feel not clear mind, make a call and listen to the operator attitudes. If they are nice and raise the right questions, give them a good points. That how we collect the data.

Step 2: In the top moving companies, find the price data and the extra services

One of the important elements helps you make a decision is the price. A good service is also a service which is the affordable and reasonable price. Some of moving companies presents the price data in transparancy publicily on the internet. You can easily to find on their sites.

Yet some others just have provide a partial or none information on their sites. Then you can make a call to them and ask the data. When you call them, you can notice not only the data but also the way they communicate to you: Are they nice? Are they willing to talk with you? Have they give you the precise data? Have they consult you their services? Have they ask your email to give the demonstrate the moving plan? Have they have the 24/7 service? That is what you can figure out when you just call them.

The budget is one of the elements need to consider

Step 3: Have they had the compensate for your lost?

The last things you need to check about the service of moving companies is about compensate. No one expects the worst thing happen but you need to prepare for any circumstance can happen and the compensate is the last thing left for you to cry into if anything worst happen to your belongings and furnitures.

By doing all of steps, I suggest you want of the top moving companies, Vietnam Moving. There are some specific reasons for our choice:

- Vietnam Moving is on the top search if you google the moving company in Vietnam. The fame of Vietnam Moving is guranteed by the celebrities like Luong Bang Quang or the international companies like Addidas, Comcast, Canon or the local ones like Vincom, Shoppe and Lazada Vietnam, etc. You can easily find the recommendation on their websites. They also has some videos providing by the previous customers on their site. You can watch and read them to have more information.

- They also provide a lot of services from local ( since they are vietnamese moving company, clearly, they understand the area and its regulations) to global (with the help from their oversea partners, they gain trust from the global companies) with a lot of types: house move, office moving, documentation storage, etc.

- They provide services with affordable and reasonable price for their limited budget. They wont give you right now the amount of money that you need to pay by just contacting through phone. They will go to field and plan the move then they give you the list of tools and what your money really pay for. That is what you can check by contact directly to them.

- They ensure the safe for your belongings and furniture since they understand the value of the crystal valse to you or the memories you spent on the sofa. They have the professional skillful human force and the right tools to wrap, package in 2 coats, and place them to the right place for you. They also compensate for you if anything worst happen.

Moving home is your big leap in your life. You cant do it alone. With a good help you can save your time, money and energy for the other interesting things like travelling or discovering your new neighborhoods. Dont waste your time to go around, try our tips and find your partner to lift the heavy from your shoulders.

Vietnam Moving Co.,Ltd.

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Tel: +84 1800 7011 - 19006687


Add: 6F Fimexco building . 231-233 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ward Ben Thanh , District 1

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