• Serve customers with dedicated, thoughtful attitude
  • The efficiency of work is high
  • Diversified services, many alternatives for customers
  • Prestigious, guaranteed and top quality services
  • Professional team of staffs
  • Professional and scientific workflow
  • Service contract and property insurance
  • Perform fast – on schedule, without causing damage to property
  • The most affordable cost in the market
  • Be trusted by many large partners and customers


Professional team of staffs


With the scale of a leading large corporation in Thailand, after coming to Vietnam, our company carries a huge amount of paperwork. But the storage conditions in our company are very poor. That leaves us worried that important files will be ruined. So, immediately we look for a qualitative and reputable documentation storage service. Having considered a number of companies offering this service, we chose Vietnam Moving. The fact has shown that our choice is very discerning. All our documents are stored in a room with appropriate climate conditions. The staffs are always monitoring to make sure all of our records are 100% intact.

Moving home has never been an easy thing. I was tired of the poor quality household mover services which I experienced before. Until I have known about Vietnam Moving when I asked my Vietnamese friends, everything has totally changed. The service is extremely professional in each step. All home appliances are well wrapped in the best material. Especially there are specialized teams to ensure the highest performance. I was very impressed cause even it was the international moving, but it seemed that the transportation process went smoothly. I am very happy to know about Vietnam Moving and will never have to worry much if I want to move home once again.

Since the area of work in the old office was too narrow, my company decided to move to a more spacious and open location. At first I thought the moving might be simple and I would be able to do it myself without the help of any moving company. But I was totally wrong. Until you start working on your own, you feel that there are too many problems to deal with. Immediately, I am looking for a company that offers quality office moving service. After a while, my belief is placed in Vietnam Moving. And very soon after, my office was moved to a new location and all the electronics of the office were unaffected.

I have just received a decision to move to the representative office of my company in Vietnam. Because the time is quite rushed, I still have not found a house. The amount of furniture that I carry is quite large so I cannot send them at my friend’s home. I asked my friends about companies which provide storage service and was introduced to Vietnam Moving. Fortunately, the warehouses here are so spacious and clean so that I think I even can store my entire house in France. The staffs are professional in classifying equipment for storage in separate environments. I am very satisfied with the service the company has provided.

Previously, I thought it would be easy to move overseas, but when I really learned about this process I really felt overwhelmed. There are too many procedures and furniture to move. I really do not know how to manage it myself. Through some acquaintances, I know about Vietnam Moving. I have put all my faith here. And it really did not make me disappoint, the company helped me to dissipate my first anxiety. My international movement has taken place, and it has not been possible to move more swiftly and smoothly. All household items are carefully wrapped. The service of Vietnam Moving is so great if compared to the cost I have paid.

My company is looking to open a representative office and move many things here. After a long-term research, we decided to choose Vietnam Moving to help us carry out the international removal. All paperwork in Vietnam will probably be a lot different than in the US. We are so nervous about this. That is not to mention the furniture and equipment we need to move may be damaged. However, all this is not as important as we need to get to the new office in the shortest possible time in order to avoid affecting the operation of the whole corporation. In the end, all we wanted was completely responsed by Vietnam Moving. Thanks to Vietnam Moving for helping us to experience a great service.

My family and I have a plan to live and work abroad for a long time. But one of the reasons make me worried during my migration is finding a quality and affordable moving company. It is very expensive to have international relocation, and especially complicated procedures. It took me a long time to look for a reputable moving company, fortunately I found Vietnam Moving. Right from the first call to the company, I have received the dedicated counsel of the staff. In the end, what I was worried about was completely gone when the move went smoothly, all costs were announced. During transportation I do not need to pay any extra fees.

My company operates in the construction fields so the furniture needs to move very bulky. I keep thinking that the furniture will be damaged somewhat but I still have to accept because there is nothing else to do. But I realized that I was totally wrong when I experienced the international move service of Vietnam Moving. The professionalism and dedication of the staffs conquered me completely. All equipment is 100% fully secured. Moreover, in spite of such bulky furniture, the transportation time is quite fast. If we know Vietnam Moving Service sooner, we will not need to worry so much.

I am running an advertising agency and want to expand it into Southeast Asia. Anyway, I still do not know what company’s international logistics service to choose. By researching, I decided to choose Vietnam Moving to help me carry out my transportation. I am really impressed and satisfied with the service attitude of the company staffs. They are careful in every step that makes me feel like they are moving their belongings, not the customers. More important, all paperwork is taken care of by the company and I do not need to worry about it. If the company scores on a 10 scale, I would definitely rate the company 10/10 and continue to support in the future.

I got a furniture store in England but my friends in Vietnam told me that this is a potential market and I decided to move there. But I have not known a prestigious international moving company. Luckily, my friend told me about Vietnam Moving and I have experienced such a perfect service. Every step in the process is professional. Specially, even it is international moving but the price is reasonable. All of my furniture is safe and comes to the new place in a very short time. I very satisfied with the international moving service of Vietnam Moving company. I will absolutely introduce the company to my friends if they are in need of international move.




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