10 things to do before moving home

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Before moving to a new home, you need to pay attention to some issues related to feng shui. In the following article, we want to share all of them with you

Let’s explore 10 things you should do before moving to your new house.

Let’s explore 10 things you should do before moving to your new house.

What to do before moving to a new home

Coming to a new home means that you will start a different life. Traditionally, for more fortunate things in your new house, you cannot disregard feng shui elements. And here are the things to keep in mind when moving into a new home you should know.

Dispose of old items

In fact, the disposal of old items is the familiar work many families still do before moving to another place. The reason is that the removal or liquidation of unnecessary things helps reduce the number of items that need moving from the old house to the new one. For another reason, many people want to replace furniture when deciding to move home.

In terms of feng shui, it is said that carrying many old items from your previous house will bring many unfortunate things for the homeowner other family members.

Choose a date for moving home

Choose a date for moving home

Choose a date for moving home

The choice of the moving date is quite important because it has certain impacts on the luck of your family. To choose the most suitable day, you can get this kind of information in books or get help from a feng shui teacher. Usually, the date of moving will be selected based on the date of birth of the owner according to the lunar calendar.

As usual, home moving should not be done at night because it will bring your family bad luck. It is best to complete this work before 3 p.m.

Worship Land Genie and Gods

Before staying at the new home, a step that you cannot ignore is the worship of the land genie and god. Regarding worship offerings, you need to have betel and areca, incense, fruits, votive paper, confectionery, wine, sticky rice, and chicken meat.

According to the ancient folklore, it was believed that this ritual of worship would help and support all the family members to have a peaceful and lucky life.

Spread aroma throughout your house to drive miasma away

You can burn some ingredients such as roots, aromas, agarwood in a soil pot to dispel the miasma in your new home; then let them spread all over the house, from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Open all the doors to push the miasma out of the house.

Carry something coming to your new home for the first time

For the first time to move into the house, each family member should bring something like oranges, apples, pears, peaches, pomegranates. All these fruits represent good luck, money, and peace that are expected to come to your family in the future.

Bring mats and stoves first

Mats and cooking stoves are the two first things you must bring into the house. According to the traditional concept, you absolutely must not carry brooms and water when coming in the house first.

In addition, the homeowner must bring all the ancestral tablets themselves. Meanwhile, other members will take money, follow the homeowner, and go into the home.

Boil water, turn the faucet on slightly

Traditionally, on the first day when you come in the house, you must boil a pot of boiling water to arouse the family’s fortune.

In addition, you close the bathtub and sink while turning the faucet on for a long time. According to folklore, this action will help everything go smoothly, bringing a peaceful life for your family.

Hang wind chimes

People often hang wind chimes in the window or the door to lead the air to circulate in the house. In particular, the high-pitched wind chimes made of metal are said to be able to dispel the miasmatic atmosphere and bring good air to all family members.

Not only that, the sound of wind chimes will contribute to improving our moods, making us happy and excited.

Create a fun atmosphere when moving home

As said above, a new home is the start of a new life. Therefore, when moving to the house, all the members should create and maintain a lively and happy atmosphere.

You can invite your friends and acquaintances to the house-warming party.

Turn on the light for the first three nights

For the first three days, you should turn on all the lights to bring good luck to your new home.

Besides, on the first night here, you go to bed right then. Instead, you lie down for a while, then get up to do something before going back to your sleep.

Above are all the things you need to keep in mind before moving home.

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