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Vietnam Moving is well-known as one of the top-ranking home moving brands in Vietnam. It not only gives great satisfaction to Vietnamese customers but also wins the trust of foreigners living and working in Vietnam. With long experience of over 10 years, Vietnam Moving ensures to bring high-quality services for house moving as well as home equipment repair.

Moving house service of Vietnam Moving

Why should Vietnam Moving be your number one choice?

It will take a lot of time if you move house by yourself. Loads and loads of works will make you exhausted. On the other hand, taking the service offered by Vietnam Moving will help you save time, effort and cost. Our company will support you to cover dozens of works despite asking for reasonable prices.

When you take the service package from Vietnam Moving, we will help you remove house parts such as ceiling, drywall, glass, wooden floors, carpet, ceiling light system, air conditioning, and network wire. What’s more, our professional team ensures to reconstruct the removed system quickly and effectively.

If you intend to move your house, apartment or office in the upcoming time, don’t hesitate to click the button below and fill the form to receive the price quote for free right now.

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Free consultancy and survey

Free consultancy and survey

Vietnam Moving has received a lot of positive feedback from customers because of professional working styles. The most typical example is the kind offer of free consultation and survey.

Immediately after you contact the company, a group of experts will arrive in your house or office, take note necessary details and provide you with useful advice on how to remove home equipment and reconstruct the house as well. Most fascinatingly, this service is completely free for you. Why don’t you contact us right now for helpful consultancy?

Well-trained staff team

The dismantling of different house parts is quite complicated; therefore, Vietnam Moving offers a team of staff in various fields including construction, electricity, carpentry and many other ones. All the equipment can be installed to your exact requirements. Our staff team includes skilled labor with great responsibility and dedication; then the working progress and quality will always be assured.

During the dismantling process, Vietnam Moving staff commits not to cause any damage or loss of equipment. With considerable experience of onstruction of a wide variety of projects throughout Vietnam, we promise to bring our customers absolute satisfaction.

Well-trained staff team
Packing service

Careful packing

After staff members disassemble the parts, these items will be packed with PE or cartons. We also note down their names on the outside surface of these cartons. In case you want to transfer home equipment abroad, we are willing to wrap them into packages.

This action is aimed at minimizing the confusion between items. Also, it helps the assembly of the parts occur quickly and easily. The most important thing is that your furniture will remain intact and avoid the risk of being damaged.

Ultimate transportation system

Transportation is one of the key factors for moving house services. After a long time of doing market research, we make a considerable investment in the transportation system.

Vietnam Moving provides you with a system of trucks with different types and weight capacities, aimed at meeting every transport need. Accordingly, you can transfer any furniture in your house or office without having any difficulties.

Transportation system
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Images Of People Working While Moving House

This is an image of Vietnam Moving staff showing their responsibilities and enthusiasm in the process of moving house.


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Common questions

There are a host of companies throughout Vietnam offering this service, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
You can take advice from the people who already used the service. In addition, you are highly recommended to refer to staff consultancy, website, customer reviews, and images showing the working process of companies.

While moving house furniture, you need to pay attention to some highlights below:
- Choose a good time for moving.
- Prepare necessary procedures for your new house or apartment.
- Classify and pack goods carefully. Note the information outside the carton.
- Bring valuables with you, including money, gold, jewelry, watches, laptops, and smartphones.

The cost depends on several factors such as quantity of furniture, number of employees, transport weight capacity, distance, insurance, and some others.
Please contact +8490 924 0809 (Ms Phuong Tran) for the best advice and price quote.

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