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Your office does not have enough rooms to contain all types of goods or paper; then you want to find out a safe place to store them. We will introduce you to one of the most reputable service companies in Vietnam - Vietnam Moving.

With more than 10 years of working in the warehouse storage field, Vietnam Moving has provided high-quality services for thousands of customers all around Vietnam, including natives and foreigners.

Warehouse Storage Service - Vietnam Moving

Vietnam Moving - a reliable brand

Vietnam Moving is the company that specializes in providing services of storing and delivering goods for import and export through bonded warehouses. Besides, we are responsible for inventory management and make a customs declaration.

Another service offered by Vietnam Moving is storing empty containers of shipping lines. The package will include lifting or lowering containers, cleaning them to the customers’ requirements and repairing them according to international standards of IICL.

When you hire the storage services of Vietnam Moving, our company will support in receiving and storing your goods; providing forklift trucks and cranes and ensuring safety for commodities during the storage time.

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Large-scale warehouse system

Large-scale warehouse system

If you are looking for a safe warehouse with large size to contain all kinds of goods; then Vietnam Moving is certainly the number one choice for you.

In reality, the warehouse system of Vietnam Moving is recognized to reach international standards. With large-scale areas, the company can keep the goods from dozens of units at the same time. What’s more, all the goods are classified into different categories to gain specific preservation solutions.

Good security system

Using the service by Vietnam Moving, you can have complete peace of mind because of its security system including camera and fire suppression system.

With the equipment of the camera system, our staff will observe the goods at all times, then minimize the possible risks of damage or loss of goods. Meanwhile, the fire suppression tools are always available, which has a considerable contribution to guaranteeing the safety for warehouses.

Vietnam Moving’s security system
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Professional warehouse storage management

The professional working style of Vietnam Moving is also demonstrated through effective management services. In particular, our staff members use management software for controlling input, output, and inventory.

There will be barcodes for different barrels, which helps record detailed information on each type of cargo, which makes it easy to speed up the warehousing process as well as managing goods.

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Common questions

For a calculation of storage cost, it is necessary to consider the two factors below:

- The first one is the purpose of storage. For different purposes, you will have to pay different costs.

- For goods storage, the cost will charge by the occupied space which is measured by square meter.

For goods: When offering the warehouse storage service, Vietnam Moving ensures to:

- Place your goods in a closed warehouse that is kept far from water and stealing.

- Provide security equipment for storage including camera system, ventilation system, fire suppression system, iron shelf, plastic pallet, and many other helpful tools

- Supply Guardian Protection Services 24 hours per day.

- Fumigate your goods every 3 months.

- Use software for goods management, for example, input, output, and inventory.

For good records.

- The record is saved on the shelf.

- All record containers are managed by software. There is a barcode for each carton.

There are two ways to calculate storage costs. Records storage costs are charged by barrels while the cost of goods storage is calculated by square meters.

Vietnam Moving provides you with hand pallet trucks to load the goods.

The storage costs also include warehouse management costs.

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