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You want to move home overseas, but you haven’t found out a service company that is satisfactory to you. The reasons may be that some companies work ineffectively while services offered by others have exorbitant prices. Considering all these factors, we find that Vietnam Moving can meet your demand for home moving.

Best International Moving Service - Vietnam Moving

Why is Vietnam Moving the best choice for international moving?

There has been a considerable increase in the number of Vietnamese people settling abroad. Nevertheless, for some people, moving home is a challenging task as well as terrible work because it takes a lot of time and effort. In reality, there will be quite a few problems arising during the moving process

Coming to such a prestigious company as Vietnam Moving, you will have complete peace of mind when the company supports you to cover a wide range of works while requiring reasonable prices.

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Professional staff

Professional staff

With a team of professionally trained staff, Vietnam Moving ensures safe transportation. It is certain that their working style and behavior will bring you great satisfaction.

Besides, Vietnam Moving supplies you with standard equipment and accessories, which contributes to stimulating the packaging process as well as keeping your furniture safe.

Careful furniture packing

Due to the long distance and time, it is essential to pack all the home equipment carefully. There will be a group of Vietnam Moving staff responsible for this work.

All your furniture will be wrapped with carton boxes together with some supporting tools like paper or pieces of the carton to minimize scratching as well as the risk of being broken. For more safety, our staff put fragile items in a wooden crate. In addition, they make a list of items to avoid losing them while transferring.

Careful furniture packing
Large-scale warehouses of Vietnam Moving

Large warehouses

Sometimes when moving home furniture, you deal with some problems like shipping delay. In this case, you have no choice other than to store all the things in warehouses.

Meeting the needs of customers, Vietnam Moving provides a large-scale warehouse system with full of facilities. Accordingly, the company is not only large enough to contain your home equipment but also ensure their safety. After the storage time, we guarantee that all the furniture remain intact.

A high level of safety

Your appliances are transported by sea; therefore they will be sealed and placed firmly. There will be no damage and distortion.

Before being transported overseas, all your items will be packed into wooden boxes safely for shipping into containers. Rest assured that the container will also be sealed, aiming at providing the best preservation to your home equipment.

A high level of safety

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Common questions

For international transport, you need different types of documents and verification procedures. Therefore, it is necessary to find out a prestigious international moving service company.

You are wondering which service company you should choose. It is highly recommended to hire Vietnam Moving - one of the best, reputable and professional international service companies in Vietnam these days.

Despite offering a lot of conveniences, the international moving services of Vietnam Moving come with affordable prices. The cost almost depends on the volume of goods to be transferred, the time of delivery, the choice of the service package and the distance.

However, to be sure of the current cost, you should call the hotline 18007011 for free to get the advice on the price.

With a professional working process, it is sure that goods will be delivered to the requested address timely.

- Step 1: Get customer information.

- Step 2: Check, wrap and pack goods.

- Step 3: Sign the contract, provide the information the services and customers’ inquiries during the transportation.

- Step 4: Deliver to the required address.

- Step 5: Check the current status of goods and get feeđback from customers.

The closed process with 5 steps will avoid loss of goods or furniture. Even long-term customers can feel secure. Moreover, the company will focus more on making surveys and collecting feedback from customers in the future.

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