How to calculate the number of cartons for house moving

The carton is one of the essential items used when you move your house. So how can you calculate the number of cartons for all your items? Let's find out the formula with Vietnam Moving.

Moving home is not a simple job. To transfer all the furniture or clothes, you need the support of many accessories; and one of the indispensable items is carton.

In fact, carton boxes are extremely useful for moving house. You can use them to contain a variety of items in your home.

In this article, we would like to share with you some common uses of a carton, the calculation of the number of barrels, and tips on how to choose and use them properly.

Benefits of using cartons when moving house

Benefits of using cartons when moving house

Cartons have a lot of uses in our daily life but within this article, we will only mention them as a necessary material for the process of packing furniture.

Contain almost all types of home equipment

With many different sizes, cartons can accommodate almost all kinds of household appliances, from clothes, dishes to books, electronic components.

We cannot imagine if there are no cartons, how can you transport the furniture from your old home to your new home?

Any other choice for you to contain household items? Are iron boxes good enough? Nope, this choice is not feasible because the boxes made from iron are too heavy to lift up. Not only that, they can damage some of your belongings.

Keep your furniture in good conditions during transport

We bet that for house moving, there are not any accessories that can preserve your belongings better than cartons.

First of all, the carton is quite soft, so it won’t cause any damage to your household furniture. You can put your belongings in the box, then use the sticking plaster to glue the box edges together. After these steps, you will have a firm box that is very convenient for moving.

In addition, as a square-shaped box with solid edges, the carton is powerful enough to protect your furniture against suffering from the percussion from the outside.

How to arrange your furniture with carton boxes

Carton boxes come with different sizes and shapes. For this reason, you should carefully see which type of carton is suitable for each kind of item.

Small boxes

You should only use these boxes to store small items. Keep in mind that you need to take notice of their capacity. If you put too many items into the bin, it is likely that your items will suffer from damage. During packing, you can wrap these things with newspaper or spongy to avoid destroying your utensils.

Large boxes

Large boxes will be suitable for packing bulky items such as desk computers, televisions, speakers, and karaoke machines.

For boxes with large size, it is necessary to have at least two people to lift them up. Otherwise, you need a trolley to move furniture from your house to the truck

How to calculate the number of boxes for furniture when moving

For calculation of the specific number of cartons needed for moving, it is important for you to follow some basic steps below:

Calculate the number of items

If you want to know how many cartons you need to store your items, you should grasp the number of household items. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a detailed list of all home equipment.

Classify household items

After listing the amount of furniture that needs moving, what you need to do next is to sort your furniture. In particular, you should arrange the items of the same categories or the items that often come together in a box. If so, when you go to your new house, it is much easier to find out your personal belongings.

After finishing these two steps, you can measure the number of carton boxes for moving.

Should you hire a house moving service?

In general, packing furniture into cartons is a complicated task, requiring a lot of calculations. If you find that it takes you too much time to pack items, you may consider hiring a moving service.

How to calculate the number of cartons for house moving

Moving companies will take care of everything through various steps: transferring, sorting, packaging, and maintaining your furniture.

So now which is the most prestigious company providing the moving house service? In the market today, there are many choices for you. We would like to introduce you to a renowned brand in this field. It’s Vietnam Moving. Professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful are three adjectives many customers use to tell about the company.

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How to calculate the number of cartons for house moving

The carton is one of the essential items used when you move your house. So how can you calculate the number of cartons for all your items? Let's find out the formula with Vietnam Moving.

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