How to pack books when moving to your new house

Packing is an indispensable step for a move. Each type of appliance will be packed in different ways. In this article, we will show you how to pack books when moving home.

Of all kinds of household appliances, books are quite easy to pack. Just prepare some carton boxes and other necessary tools, then you can move your books from the old house to the new one at your fingertips.

That being said, if there are a large number of books in your house, packing and moving becomes quite challenging. In other words, without a specific plan, you will have some difficulties in completing this task.

For more details on how to pack and transport books for a move, you can refer to our following guidelines.

How to pack books when moving house

How to pack books when moving to your new house

How to pack books when moving to your new house

Like any other items in your house, it is necessary for you to spend much time preparing, arranging, and packing.

To transport your books to the new home quickly and easily, you should carry out the work with the following steps:

Prepare the necessary tools

First of all, you need to prepare some tools including cartons, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, adhesive bandage, and marker. It is not difficult to buy these things. You can easily find out them at grocery stores. Once you already have these tools, packing books is no longer a big problem.

Leave unnecessary books

Your bookcase has up to hundreds of books, then you will have to transport a huge number of books. Therefore, we recommend leaving the books that you will probably never read again. You can take them to stores to sell used books.

Besides, for weekly newspapers and magazines, you should not bring them during transport because we firmly believe that they will be rarely read again.

Classify books

While preparing for the move, you can divide your books into two types for easy packing, including hardcover books and paperback books. With hardcover ones, when arranging them in cartons, you stand them up against the edges of the box, which is similar to the way you put them on your bookshelf. To protect the back of these books, you should insert cushions into the box. What’s more, for valuable books, you should cover them with wrapping paper before putting them in the carton.

Meanwhile, paperback books should be overlapped each other. We also recommend using bubble bags to pack the books, which will protect your book from being bent or folded.

Select packing boxes

The standard for book packaging containers is that they must be strong, capable of holding a good weight and not wet.

Choose the appropriate packing carton

Choose the appropriate packing carton

The size of the box should not be too large or too small. You should select the box fitting your books. The reason is that if the box comes with an enormous size, then the box’s weight will increase considerably, which adversely affects the move from the old house to the truck as well as from the truck to the new home.

Seal the box with sticking plaster

After putting all the books into the cartons neatly, you use sticking plaster to glue the bottom and the top of the boxes to keep them fixed.

Take notes on the cover

 take notes to know what is included in the carton

Take notes to know what is included in the carton

Finally, you take notes to know what is included in the boxes so that those who bring these boxes will be more careful while transporting. In addition, when moving to a new home, the notes help you find and arrange furniture for your home more quickly and efficiently.

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How to pack books when moving to your new house

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