Domestic Moving Company

The more growing the economy is, the more precondition for boosting the goods moving industry. From that, domestic moving company also appears more and more. You are in need of transporting a large number of important and valuable goods but you have not selected reliable company to proceed your moving. Please contact to Vietnam Moving - the prestigious domestic moving company in Vietnam. Make sure your shipments are safely shipped on schedule in the shortest time.

What makes the brand of Vietnam Moving

To make customers trust and support Vietnam Moving to make the brand as today, thanks to the professional service attitude of the company's leaders and the staffs. All the work is in principle, absolutely not to make mistakes from the stage of consulting to packaging, transportation of goods and delivery to the recipient.

In particular, we always listen to the opinions of customers to perfect our service day by day. Vietnam Moving is now the international and domestic moving leading brand name in the domestic market selected by many domestic and foreign companies, enterprises and individuals which provides the best solution for goods moving.

Operation motto

Vietnam Moving offers the following guideline: "Customer’s Satisfaction is Our Success". Therefore, our company constantly improves the professional capacity for our staff everyday with high responsibility for work. Moreover, we continuous upgrading of warehousing investment, transport means to shorten the travel time, reduce moving costs to bring customers a service with extremely preferential price…

Vietnam Moving provides the following services:

Moving house, moving office package, north-south goods moving, urban and suburban goods moving, food transportation, container moving… intermodal transportation at any time; with various service packages ranging from large to small. We are committed to ensure your goods being moved in the best way and in the shortest possible time, handing the goods to the recipient to ensure the process of delivery-receipt takes place conveniently, smoothly.

Top quality road moving of Vietnam Moving

Mention to domestic moving, the popular forms of transportation are many large and small businesses, family, personal choice now is the road moving services. Many people think that the airway or seaway is the fastest but up to now, that thought is not really the most accurate. By Vietnam Moving with the most modern means of transportation, especially large trucks and modern container trucks ... not only help to transport large quantities of goods but also safely safeguard all your goods and extremely move in the shortest time.

The company also assists the customer to complete the transportation procedures in the shortest possible time as the road moving procedures are simple, no complication like moving by air, or by sea.

The road moving of Vietnam Moving is ready to serve whenever, wherever and at any time when customers need. That absolutely does not affect the business operations of any company.

Friendly domestic moving company

Vietnam Moving attracts the customers by the responsibility as well as reputation and efficiency in the services. Each contract that the company receives, the company always respect the sense of responsibility for the goods and is willing to compensate for damage if the goods are suffered any loss during the transportation or delays due to the company side.

Treat customers with a respectful and friendly manner.

You are having difficulty in choosing the international and domestic moving company, so let contact to Vietnam Moving and experience our services. The company will help you get a quality service that meets all requirements from customers and bring long-term benefits to your business. If you need advice on your moving service so call us, we ensure you will have satisfaction about the quality of service as well as the price.

Have all above reasons are enough to persuade you come to our domestic moving service? Vietnam Moving commits to bring you the safest and fastest domestic moving with the lowest price.

After all, if you are in need of moving to a new location, so Vietnam Moving is the best choice for you. Do not hesitate to contact directly to Vietnam Moving hotline right now to be consulted more about domestic moving service, international moves or access the website on your own at: Our enthusiastic and politeness staffs will be willing to answer all of your questions from A to Z to help your move goes smoothly.

Do not let this problem has just a chance to make you feel worried. Let Vietnam Moving - the prestigious domestic moving company, help by providing you the domestic moving service and make your move be easier and cheaper than ever. Let’s experience this perfect with high quality service yourself and be totally persuaded by us.

Vietnam Moving brings you the most prestigious with top quality and the lowest cost domestic moving service.

For more information, please contact:

Vietnam Moving Co.,Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Head Office

Tel: 18007011

Fax: (028) 62619893 Email:

Add: 36 Street No. 1, Trung Son Residence Area, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC

Ha Noi Office

Tel: 18007011

Fax: (028) 62619893

Email: Add: 2F Trung Yen 1 building, Trung Hoa, District Cau Giay

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