How to move your house when you have a pet

Do you have a pet in your house? So are you wondering how you can take your beloved pet to a new home? Please refer to all the tips shared by Vietnam Moving.

Moving home is really hard work because it requires many stages. So if you have to bring a pet during this exhausting moving, how terrible things will be? This is a tough question many of us have not yet found out the answer.

If you also wonder about this problem, it is advisable to some tips on how to keep safety for pets during transport right here.

Tips for moving house with pets

How to move your house when you have a pet

If following the steps below, make sure your pet will move from old house to new home in a safe way. It is not too difficult for you to make these steps. In particular,

Take advice from experienced people

First of all, you should ask your friends and relatives who have experienced moving houses with their pets. As a result, you will have the opportunity to learn how to minimize risks and deal with trouble during transport.

Check your pet’s health

Another tip we want to give here is that you should take your pet for a medical checkup. If you get a good result, it means that your pet has great adaptability. Then, you don't need to be too worried about moving with your pet. In other words, they will not feel too tired or exhausted during the trip.

In contrast, when the result shows that your pet has poor health, you should go to the doctor to give him special care before starting to move to your new home.

Select an appropriate pet crate

Choosing a suitable crate for pets should be a concern. To buy the best one, you must first grasp the size of the pet. The crate should not be too big because it will cause some difficulties when you carry it from place to place. Moreover, it also takes up much space in your new house. That being said, a crate that is too small or fit like a glove will make your pet dog or cat feel suffocated. Therefore, it is important to select a crate bringing great comfort to your pet but still saving space.

Apart from the function above, the pet cage will play a role as a pet shelter after he has been taken to a new home. When he has not adapted to the new space, the cage will become the place that makes them feel most secure.

Select the means of transport

In any cases, transport is an important factor in moving houses. To determine the most appropriate means of transportation, you need to measure the distance from the old house to the new house.

Trucks are usually used for moving home because of their large capacity. Depending on the quantity and characteristics of the furniture, you choose the truck with the most suitable load.

Regarding how to arrange the pet cage on the truck, you can put it together with other items that have been wrapped in cartons. You also can have other options, for example, you place the cage on your motorbike and carry the pet to the new home.

Some other notes

In addition to the tips above, there are many other things you need to note while moving home.

  • Prepare food and drink for the pet during transportation.

  • If your pets are big and aggressive, muzzle them to ensure safety for other people around you.

  • Choose the place with less noise for the pet not to feel scared.

  • After a long period of moving, stop the vehicle so that the pet can have a pee or poop.

  • After arriving at the new home, take them around to get used to the new space.

With all these tips, we hope that you can easily take your pet to the new house regardless of dealing with a mountain of work to do while moving home. It is best to get support from your relatives and friends or look for a moving service.

Should you hire a moving service with a pet?

If you feel that moving the house with a pet is challenging, please think about hiring the moving service offered by Vietnam Moving.

In addition to covering the basic steps of the house moving service, including packaging, transportation, and installation, Vietnam Moving staff members also provide special care for your pet.

With many years of offering this kind of service, Vietnam Moving has won the heart of a large number of customers throughout the country. Therefore, we believe that Vietnam Moving certainly will not make you disappointed.

Vietnam Moving service is great

Vietnam Moving service is great

If you need to hire a moving service with pets, please contact Vietnam Moving via hotline 18007011 to receive free price quote as well as other useful advice from our staff.

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How to move your house when you have a pet

Do you have a pet in your house? So are you wondering how you can take your beloved pet to a new home? Please refer to all the tips shared by Vietnam Moving.

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