The best moving house service in Ho Chi Minh city

Moving house service of Vietnam Moving is not only highly is not only highly in Ho Chi Minh City which is become more and more popular in customer but also well know as a professional international standard company that win highest approval of many foreigners.

The society is increasingly globalized, causing the continuous demand of many moving increasingly high. Home moving is a must-do step and also a stage where anyone feels stressed, anxious and weary. Resettlement also contributes many difficulties for people to maintain their daily lives. However, there is Vietnam Moving here and dispel anxiety for you, making the home transition also bring joyfulness.

Why do many people choose to use service of Vietnam Moving

The market for transportation services nowadays is more diversified, with the development of a diverse range of services, however this richness creates a complexity for the people. In a rush time, finding a reliable, responsible, real home moving service is a real matter of concern.

The best moving house service in Ho Chi Minh city

Famous for house moving, office moving in both domestic and international areas since the reasonable full package services and long experiences in this field also make it is more reputable. The number of hotlines of Vietnam Moving seems to become familiar in the directory of many people both in Ho Chi Minh City and in other provinces across the country.

Vietnam Moving with the moving home services was chosen by many people, first of all, We have been try our best to create trust, satisfaction, followed by the benefits to customer, and being willing continue to bring to you.

Benefit of using moving house services

Do you need to find a reliable moving house services specialist to help for your family, for your company’s need?

Would you like to furnish all furniture and familiar goods when making the migration? Do you need to pack your belongings in accordance with international standards and moving period will be safe, ensuring the best quality? The whole moving home package is serving every where of the country, international transportation, from the old place to new places quickly and efficiently.

The best moving house service in Ho Chi Minh city

More prominent than other moving services, Vietnam Moving services bring the best things that customers expect:

- Save time and effort in the maximum and effective.
- Move home only at the lowest price, most competitive but very fast.
- The process of safe transportation, ensuring conduct by our staffs_ who are always hardworking, careful, meticulous, experienced and enthusiastic, dynamic in supporting you.
- Helping you settle down in the most convenient place by efficient ways.- Careful is the best, you are completely ensured and paid compensate 100% of damaged goods: During the transportation process, if the staff of Vietnam Moving damaged, dropped or broken your belongings
- There are many attractive promotions for Customer.

Vietnam Moving also provides other services in the field of transportation such as office moving in the country, international, moving or office cleaning, truck leasing, container, shipping Internationalization, international moving

Process of full moving package home service:

Step 1: Receive requests from customers via hotline, mail, website chats, and directly contact us for consultants information.

Step 2: Survey the actual situation at customer home, propose the most economical and economical transportation solutions, conduct and send the quotation

Step 3: Deal and sign the contract

Step 4: Make the move according to the requirements.

Step 5: Customers take over, check then make payment for the contract.

Why does Vietnam moving can offer the best price for moving house service?

That’s simply because, we do:

– Free quotation and consultation when we receive your need.

– Free packing tools, we always well prepare to cut down any shortage or risk while packing stage.

– Choice of trucks and appropriate transportation, which not wasted by too large vehicles.

– Choose the fastest and most convenient transportation routes.

Vietnam Moving is committed that customer will not incur to pay any non-contractual expenses for the whole moving process.

In addition, we also have a special price policy for families with children, students, humanitarian organizations… The low cost of our company is our competitive since its inception to now and that is the key factor which is satisfied customers.

The best moving house service in Ho Chi Minh city

In addition, due to the fact that the clarity background who always work with enthusiastic, careful and not to be afraid to follow a scientific work procedure, they can shorten the working time and quickly handle the suddenly, difficult situation… Because of this, home moving service is also extremely safe, effective and economical.

Commitment from Vietnam Moving Vietnam Moving with a professional action plan that identifies inconvenient circumstances and solves all your problems quickly, thus ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

We are always ready to work conscientiously from step to step to make sure that your moving home process will never be tiring. Our pleasure is receiving the absolute trust and satisfaction from the customer.

For more information, please contact:

Vietnam Moving Co.,Ltd.

Ho Chi Minh Head Office
Tel: +84 1800 7011 – 0902 823 212


Add: 36 Street No. 1, Trung Son Residence Area, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC

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