Price list for house moving services

Vietmam Moving | Post 2019-7-25

Are you hunting for the company providing the house moving service at reasonable prices? So now have a look at the following price list offered by Vietnam Moving.

Moving houses is the work that takes a lot of time and effort, thus making people feel afraid. For this reason, moving services have increasingly become popular for many recent years.

In the market today, there are a considerable number of companies offering house moving services. That being said, it is not easy to find out a place that comes with high-quality services and affordable prices.

Price list for house moving services

We would like to introduce you to Vietnam Moving - one of the top-ranking prestigious service companies in Vietnam. Coming here, you will gain the greatest satisfaction when receiving the service from our company.

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

Of hundreds of companies providing moving services, why is it advisable to choose Vietnam Moving? As a service company working in this field for 30 years, Vietnam Moving won the heart of a significant number of customers throughout Vietnam.

As usual, when selecting any service, you only pay attention to two factors: quality and price. We must say that with a group of skilled and enthusiastic staff members, Vietnam Moving can satisfy your needs to the maximum. So now please have look at the information below.

High-quality services

You certainly do not want to pay for a poor service that incurs many incidents affecting your work?

In fact, house moving is not a simple task because it requires a lot of steps. Besides, depending amount of work, you will need careful preparation for human and supporting tools.

Price list for house moving services

Therefore, it is quite challenging for you to do it by yourself. Instead, it is highly recommended to hire a moving service. Keep in mind that to move your house quickly and safely, you need to choose a prestigious company.

Vietnam Moving was born to help in moving houses, office moving, and warehouses. Despite providing various types of service, the company ensures the quality of all of them.

Moreover, Vietnam Moving staffs always try our best to meet all the requirements of customers.

In addition, Vietnam Moving offers a good customer care policy where you will receive useful advice at all times.

In case there is any damage or loss to your property when moving your house, Vietnam Moving will compensate you.

Reasonable prices

Apart from the high-quality services, Vietnam Moving brings customers a great pleasure because of its affordable prices for all kinds of service, including house moving.

It is said that there is a close relationship between price and quality, meaning that low price often leads to low-quality service.

In reality, Vietnam Moving does not provide low-cost services. The reason is that with cheap prices, we are reluctant to cut down some stages in the process of moving, leading to the fact that the quality may be reduced.

That being said, after experiencing the service, you will realize that you don’t waste your money. In other words, our service worths every penny.

With a professional working process and experienced staff, Vietnam Moving promises to carry out the work on schedule.

Also, you can have complete peace of mind that there won’t be any accrued expenses while moving home.

How to calculate house moving prices at Vietnam Moving

There is no specific price for all current packages of house moving at Vietnam Moving. As usual, after receiving the request information from customers, Vietnam Moving staff will go to the customer’s house for a survey, planning for specific preparation for material and human. After all these steps, Vietnam Moving can give a particular cost.

Price list for house moving services

After that, you will be sent a price quote from the company. If you expect to hire the service from Vietnam Moving, the two sides will sign the contract and perform the work. The service’s price will depend on many different factors:

- The number of workers supporting to move your home

- The number of truck trips used to deliver furniture and other properties in your house

- The volume of furniture the staff have to move from the old house to the new one

- The distance between the two locations

- Some other problems, for example, traffic congestion.

After considering all these factors, our staff will start the calculation. The price is always calculated as accurately as possible by the staff from Vietnam Moving. What’s more, there won’t be any accrued expense during the process of moving your furniture from your house. Everything will comply with the original negotiation between the two sides. Therefore, you can have complete peace of mind that you will save the expense of the house moving to the maximum.

If you want to hire the house moving service of Vietnam Moving, please call hotline 18007011 to receive free price quotes as well as other advice from Vietnam Moving staff.

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Price list for house moving services

Are you hunting for the company providing the house moving service at reasonable prices? So now have a look at the following price list offered by Vietnam Moving.

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