Tips for house moving - What you need to know

Vietmam Moving | Đăng ngày 18/3/2020

You want to move your house and wonder whether you should do it yourself or hire a moving service. If you choose the first option, you cannot ignore the tips below by Vietnam Moving.

For many people, moving house is extremely hard work because it consists of dozens of steps, including preparing supporting tools, arranging, classifying, disassembling and transporting furniture. Therefore, if you decide to move home yourself, you should find a way to orangize all the stages most reasonably.

With the following detailed instructions shared by Vietnam Moving, we believe that you will complete your transfer quickly and efficiently.

Things you need to know when moving home yourself

What do you need to know before moving home? Lots of things. Then, you will find out the answer right here.

Prepare supporting tools

First of all, it is essential for you to prepare supporting tools for moving home. After that, we will show you detailed instructions about the necessary pieces of equipment for the process of moving your house.

Knives, scissors, wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdriver

These tools will assist you in removing furniture such as beds, wardrobes, household electronics, and many other pieces of furniture.

Carton boxes

Carton is an indispensable tool for moving houses. You can store up them in your home before that or buy them in junk shops or grocery stores.

Cartons will be used for containing most of your household items, from small things to bulky objects. In other words, all can be arranged to put in a carton.

Nylon wrap

Nylon wrap

Other supporting tools you need to prepare are plastic wraps that help protect your furniture from scratches and bumps. You can use food wrap, but it is best to buy large-sized industrial cling wraps that are convenient for wrapping your furniture.

Sticking plaster

During packing, you need to use sticking plaster to glue the edges of the carton together after filling it with your objects.

Marker and notepaper

These two tools will be used for noting the names of the items that are contained in the carton. Doing that will be convenient for the rearrangement of furniture when you come to the new home.

Spongy and old cloth

Spongy and old cloth are so helpful if you need to transport fragile items such as glass or porcelain jars. Putting these inserts into gaps between fragile items will help to minimize risks during transportation.


Besides cartons and sticking plaster, ties are essential for moving houses; particularly, they support you to fix furniture. Instead of having to pack each carton box for moving, you will find it much easier when using ties.

Detailed instructions on what you need to take when moving houses

Apart from the preparation of supporting tools, there are many other things you need to cover.

Choose a time to move

First, consider the specific time to move. As usual, many people choose to do this work after working time.

Others decide to transfer on the weekend when almost all people have free time. In addition, you can avoid traffic jams when being on the move.

On the other hand, some people choose a good time based on the lunar calendar.

Make a list of items to transfer

Make a list of items to transfer

It is necessary to make a list of appliances in each room to avoid missing anything.

After that, it is best to classify them into different groups for ease of packaging. For example, carton A contains bowls and plates; carton B contains blankets, sheets, and pillows.

Liquidate unnecessary items

Moving home is an opportunity for you to liquidate unnecessary items. We recommend that you do not bring too much old stuff from your old house to your new home because they will waste your time and take up more space while moving.

Therefore, during the preparation of furniture, you should liquidate items that are too old or no longer in use. You can go to some liquidation websites on the Internet to post information to sell these items.

Choose the means of transport

Choose the means of transport

The means of transport is always a matter of concern. For most safety, you can hire trucks to move your house. The number of trucks will depend on the amount of furniture. Trucks can hold a lot of things without obstructing traffic.

What’s more, you also can move home by motorbike or tricycle. But these two types of vehicles are often only used for the houses with few furniture to move.

Should you move home yourself or hire a moving service?

If you feel that moving home is too challenging because it wastes your time and effort, you should hire a moving service. You will receive the support throughout all stages: packaging, arranging, delivering, and disassembling.

If you need to hire a house moving service, please contact Vietnam Moving via hotline 18007011 to receive free price quote as well as other helpful advice from our staff.

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