What you need to do before moving the office

Office moving is a task that requires a lot of preparation. In the article below, we want to share with you some useful experience when moving offices.

In fact, moving offices is much more complicated than moving houses, especially for large offices with a huge amount of furniture and equipment.

If you do not intend to hire an office moving service, you should proceed to move the office according to a standard process. Otherwise, everything will become quite messy, even leading to the loss of things and the damage to the properties at your office.

So how can you move the office quickly while ensuring safety for furniture? Hope that you can find out the answer in our article.

What to do before moving offices

To move offices, you have to follow some tips. Then, here we will show you the basic steps you need to take when moving your office.

Make a detailed plan for office moving

Make a detailed plan for office moving

Just like moving houses, we recommend having a detailed plan when you want to move your office. It should consist of tasks to do, human resources, and methods for handling possible risks.

Each staff member who takes part in the office moving task will be assigned to do specific tasks such as disassembling and assembling the electrical system, packing furniture, transporting office equipment, and decorating your new office.

Choose the right time for office moving

The selection of moving time is significant. It is advisable to consider carefully before deciding on a specific time and date for office moving so that the transfer does not affect your work.

It is best to move the office at the weekend for the work of your office staff not to be interrupted. That being said, if the work at the company does not require continuous operation, you may discuss with the company leader to choose any day in the week for carrying out this task.

Prepare supporting tools for office moving

For moving the office, you can't help preparing supporting tools. There are some essential items you should have, including carton, sticking plaster, tie, and markers.

The carton is an indispensable item when you move the office. In particular, they are so useful in packing furniture. Before preparing cartons, you have to calculate the amount of furniture in each department; then you can estimate the number of cartons needed.

For personal items, staff members should pack and transport by themselves. Besides, each department should also arrange their own furniture in a separate carton to avoid confusion between rooms.

In addition to cartons, other tools such as paper, hard cover, spongy, and sticking plaster should be included to avoid collision between objects that is subject to causing damage to your furniture.

As usual, the HR department staff will deal with this step and supply each department with the auxiliary equipment.

Calculate the cost of moving office

After grasping the number of furniture and planning necessary items and works to be done in detail, you can calculate the cost to move your office, including accrued costs. Another suggestion is that you can refer to the price of the companies providing office moving services.

The cost of office moving will consist of the truck rental and the distance from the old office to the new office.

Return the premises and end the contract

When moving office, you need to notify the building management of returning the premises and ending the contract. This issue should be resolved as quickly as possible, before moving to your new office to avoid troublesome legal problems.

Where can you hire an office moving service?

Currently, in the market, there are a variety of companies that provide office moving services. If you hire a package service, the company will aid you in arranging, packing and transporting all pieces of furniture. What you need to is just give specific requirements and monitor the moving process.

Where can you hire an office moving service?

If you want to find out a reputable place that provides high-quality services, we would like to introduce you to Vietnam Moving Company.

With more than 10 years of working in this field, Vietnam Moving has affirmed its reputation in the Vietnamese market today. All the staff members at Vietnam Moving are trained professionally. Therefore, they can cover all the tasks and make the transfer proceed fast.

In addition, Vietnam Moving offers a contract between the two sides, aimed at ensuring your benefits during cooperation. Accordingly, there won’t be any costs accuring after finishing the moving task. What’s more, if any loss or damage happens to your properties, you will receive full compensation from the company.

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Price list for office moving services

The price is the factor that every customer pays much attention to when hiring any service. So now let’s see the price list for office moving services provided by Vietnam Moving.

What you need to do before moving the office

Office moving is a task that requires a lot of preparation. In the article below, we want to share with you some useful experience when moving offices.

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