Vietnam Moving Limited Liability Company (Vietnam Moving) is a company which provides high quality and professional moving and storage services in Vietnam. Vietnam Moving was established when the high quality and professional moving and storage services in Vietnam was not wealthy developed, until now, Vietnam Moving has gradually shaped its reputation in the market; bring many customers and partners the best moving and storage service packages.

Vision – Mission and Core values


With our pioneering aspirations and efforts to thrive, Vietnam Moving strives to become one of the leading moving service companies in Vietnam, successfully creating the first class and professional packages of moving services for our customers. At the same time, we affirm the prestige and reputation in the moving service industry. Since then, we have contributed to the development of moving and storage services in Vietnam.


Vietnam Moving brings you many different value of  use, constantly expands and enhances those values: by creating professional and specialized moving and storage products and services, we wants to become a dedicated and trustworthy companion, in order to bring the best experience and satisfaction to our customers. In the future, these products and services will always be up-to-date and changed to expand the variety and improve the quality of the services.

Building a quality life for the staffs: Vietnam Moving wishes to build a quality life for our human resources by: building a positive, active, friendly and creative environment; providing opportunities for perfecting job skills and developing career; compensation policy and treatment are transparent and public.

Helping society, sharing with the community: With professional moving and storage services, Vietnam Moving can contribute a small part to the positive changes of the moving service industry in particularly, and socio-economic in general. At the same time, Vietnam Moving actively participates in community activities, social security campaigns to jointly build a better society.

Core values


Vietnam Moving puts “Honesty” is one of the most important platforms. This is a decisive “key” to build trust and prestige to customers and partners as well as the staffs of the company. Vietnam Moving promotes honesty in order to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics as well as social ethics, to ensure and commit honestly to the quality of products and services, services process, acceptance and payment.


Vietnam Moving puts “Enthusiasm” is one of the leading criteria. Vietnam Moving is always putting customers at the center and especting the needs, wants and interests of customers. Our customers are cared with enthusiasm. We always try as hard as possible to give our customers the perfect products and services.

Professionalism and Creation

Vietnam Moving sets Professionalism and Creation are two of the lever leading factors. These are also two core value elements that creating the quality, distinctive features of each package of Vietnam Moving services compared to other providers. Vietnam Moving offers professionalism in every step from consulting, receiving customer’s request to processing, completion and acceptance of orders. We strictly follow the process which has been set out.

At the same time, Vietnam Moving also promotes creativity at work by encouraging daring; Constantly updating day by day, applying advanced technology; Take initiation in improving and raising products and services; Creativity and flexibility in solving situations that arise to provide the best optimal solutions for our customers.


Products – Services of Vietnam Moving

Vietnam Moving provides a wide range of professional products and services in moving and storage including:

Moving Services: Package of house moving service; Package of office moves service; Cheap package moving service; Moving service (furniture, warehouse, documentation …).

Rental Services: Rental of documents archives storage;  Storing goods and warehousing service; Storage service; Record-keeping service; Car rental service (car, refrigerator truck, pickup truck, truck, container truck).

Other services: Purchase and sale of office furniture; Services of dismantling and improving the current status of offices…

Area of ​​operation

Vietnam Moving is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. Our operating areas are concentrated in all districts of the city, typically as: District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, Phu Nhuan District … In addition, Vietnam Moving also provides products and services for neighboring provinces. In particular, Vietnam Moving is now expanding its operations in Hanoi, deploying North-South moving services.

With so many years of experience, highly qualified staffs and full modern equipment and machinery, Vietnam Moving always prides on being a professional provider of professional and top quality moving and storage service. With Vietnam Moving, customers can be assured completely about the cost savings, the quality service with absolute safety and security. Vietnam Moving will help customers to shorten the time and the distance while still ensuring superior work efficiency, bringing the best products and services.

Services provided by Vietnam Moving

International Moving services

With this service, your goods moving including: personal belongings, pets, furniture… will be moved safely and quickly across the country and the globe by our well trained and diligent staffs. Beside you can real-time access your status of your belongings by our online tracking tool.

Domestic Moving

This service of us will give you a relaxing day even you are in the process of your house moving. We got various sizes of vehicles to transport your household appliances from small size things to big size things. Moreover, we supply highly trained moving specialists to ensure these items remain safe.

Warehouse Storage

Our service can accommodate all your household items, professional packaged and keep them safe with Long term storage, Short term storage, Document storage and management, Local storage and oversea storage.

Record Management

We provide you a perfect service with secure collection, indexing, packing, storage, retrieval, insertions, tracking and destruction of your documents. Moreover, they will be kept in a climate-controlled room and you can always easily access them through our system.

Office Moving

Even though your office is moving across the road or across borders, we will assure to provide the best quality of office moving with professional packaging, careful transportation and quick rearrangement of your office. Beside, we also provide handling service to transport your special items in the safest way.

International logistics

This service brings you a complete process without worrying. It includes such processes as receiving, moving, warehousing, storage, customs procedure concerned, or the other paperwork, performing customer consulting work, packaging, markings, as well as delivery and other services related to products and goods.