+ You are individual households, alien corporations who looking for the great warehouse service?

+ You have searched many sources of information from different companies but you are not satisfied? Isn’t it?

+ You want to find a good service, high quality with reasonable price?

Warehouse Storage


We can help to provide suitable, fast and convenient warehouse service since now.

The Cost of warehouse service is increasing.

You are reducing your profit in warehouse services expense.

Shortage of specialize Human resource in charge of storage.

The cheap warehouse service make you will feel unsafe. Your goods can be damaged or broken

You are stocking how to deal with this problem and need to find a way out immediately?

Thus, the only way is that you should find out a good Warehouse service, with cheap price and professional environment? Don’t worry. We can help you with Vietnam Moving.

Vietnam Moving provide:

+ The vast warehouses are in Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi and the whole country.

+ All warehouses are clean, safe and effective.

+ Your goods are always perfectly storage by our professional staffs. They will check them every day.

+ Each warehouse in our system is enhanced security and safety for 24/24

Great storage solution for your store

Vietnam moving is a great warehouse in Vietnam with cheap expense. With experiences of this filed. Therefore, after 5 years put into operation storage service, Vietnam Moving is not only aiming at solving the need of customers, the company constantly upgrading and improving the quality of service according to standards,we commit to provide you the most convenient service for all your goods in the logistics supply chain. Large investment for our warehouse systems which has been achieved with modern equipment installed. In addition, we have built the process of controlling and managing the records which combine the most scientific and easiest ways.What service do we have?

Short term storage

Short-term is a great solution for you when you are moving your house or go abroad in a short time. You can pack your private goods and your family goods in boxes and packages carefully then all you need to do is call to our Warehouse service and give your address. Vietnam Moving’s staffs are always willing to arrive quickly and exactly to help storing yours in safety warehouse.

Long-term storage

If you are migrants and you want to save something before you go. All large furniture such as antique furniture, personal records, works of art, property must also be packaged carefully and stored safely Vietnam Moving Company will support you to pack, move them properly in long term.

Local storage

This is a warehouse service in Vietnam become more popularity and widely in recent years. For instant, you have some unused furniture, and you don’t have space for it at your home or company. You absolutely can select Local storage to solve this problem.

Store abroad

You and your family are moving abroad, you have some goods, furniture,… you need to keep them but you don’t have a place for them? You are renting until you find the right place to settle. In that case, you can believe Vietnam Moving. Our staff of moving experts will provide all the specialized technical support to meet your specific needs. Your goods will be packed at your location in special containers and boxes and, accordingly, delivered to our storage units, thus reducing handling time and avoiding possible accidents during transportation. Therefore, we can store your items safely and quickly until you want to receive them.

When using Vietnam Moving Warehouse you will receive:

Warehouse Storage

+ The great quality service with the cost is cheap. It is also the key advantage to in the enterprise is in cost savings.

+ Warehouses located in large area, are always help you any where and any time.

+ All warehouses in our systems have been achieved with modern equipment installed to provide the best quality when you have demands of storing goods, machines.

+ Mitigate risks in disaster recovery, provide long-term retention for goods and enhance both business continuity and availability or personal need.

+ Enthusiastic support from our professional staff.

+ Immediately when we receive your requests, we will send staff to arrange and help you from A to Z.

+ Have a solid, long-term supplier.

Warehouse Storage

Vietnam Moving always tries to change and develop to serve the best service – fast – most reasonable cost to Customer. Whether it’s short or long term storage, our storage options are so flexible. Our dedication to the highest standards for quality services will be attested by providing a safe, easy, quick and stress free storage and relocation.

Right now, please contact the Vietnam Moving Warehousing Service Company to get timely support and absolutely safe for your furniture!

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