Record Management or Records Management is establishing, implementing, and maintaining standards, procedures, and guidelines for record keeping. Basically, this service provides storage and retrieval of inactive records for enterprises whose demand of reducing cost to build a record storing department.

Why we need records managements services?

The consequences of spending too much time in searching for misfiled records can be quite long and complicated, you may not only lose in terms of billable hours but also lose valuable customers. This is why it is very important to invest in a well-designed filing system that can facilitate retrieving records and disposing records past their end-of-life date. So, records managements services will bring many following benefits:

  • Cut down paying a high cost of owning a large warehouse and managing that warehouse effectively. That is the reason why the warehouse rental service of document and commodity management is increasingly popular nowadays.
  • Documents are safe: At the warehouse, all documents are monitored strictly, good security by preservation methods are scientifically done, neat with professional systems.
  • The best environment to keep your records: You will no longer have to worry about whether your goods are preserved properly or not by the prestigious rental units. Modern facilities are fully provided to solve all these problems.
  • Reduce Costs: With this service, businesses do not need to add a lot of resources to the warehouse management as well as staff training costs and purchase the necessary equipments.

Your vital paperwork is exported quickly and to the right place without missing records.

What benefits do Customers receive from record management service?

Using our record keeping service, you will be assured of process and best quality of service in competitive prices. In the field of document storage rental, Vietnam Moving is now considered as the best, safest and best service supplier in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Asia Region.Vietnam Moving provides a strict record keeping process in accordance with the classification and easy to find, high securities apply for vital units. Strict surveillance 24/7, camera system, management software, fire alarm and modern system are equipped to make sure your significant files are perfectly protected.Minimize risks of losing details of business. Avoid leaking non disclosed information.

Vietnam Moving’s record management serves all your demands: fast, safe and reliable.

Vietnam Moving is your best choice of record management services in Vietnam, Asia.

Vietnam Moving specializes in providing professional Record Management services domestic and abroad.

Vietnam Moving’s warehouse system is spacious (over 10.000 m2), safe, adapts international of storage and record managements. Some information you need to know about Vietnam Moving: Vietnam Moving Warehouse has been certified to international standards.

Convenient location is saving the storage and distributions. Our warehouses are also equipped computers and security devices which are available all the time.

Beside warehouses with large areas, there are repositories for small and medium sized enterprises with lower areas than those still in compliance with regulations, according to the needs of customers.

In addition, we have a team of enthusiastic, honest and professional staff. Our staff will respond quickly and optimally to the requirements of customers when need to export the records you need. All records and archives are stored in the most scientific, flexible and convenient way.

Choosing this service, you do not have to worry about the security of documents because the professional record management service provider has committed to preserve and store documents. If there is a problem occurs, you are well compensated, free from loss or damage.; The company renting archived documents always fully observe the regulations and policies of leasing warehouse according to the regulations of the state to ensure maximum safety for records and documents of customers.

Process of Vietnam Moving’s record management services:

There are 5 steps in our process:

  1. Choose filing cabinets: Customer can easily make decision among economical and multiple file cabinets to storage. Moreover, using note pads is a notable ways, especially in office administrators, note pads have become a must-have item. You can use different sizes of paper for different types of documents or notes.
  2. Classification of records To avoid getting confused, misdirected, or even unrecognized essential document, the classification of records step is very necessary. For example: sorting records by name, by the topic, by cluster and so all.
  3. Sort the map in order to find records in the fastest way.
  4. Make Profile List: Create a detailed, accurate list and the list of records management system must be updated regularly .Creating a detailed list and for ease of management and put it into the computer. When you need to find out, we can quickly check on the computer and know the exact location of that profile. – : In addition, we always collate and update regularly when new records are added.
  5. Record keeping: Some ways of storing document records: Save in alphabet, Save by number, code.
  6. Contact us

With the slogan: “Faster – Better – Cheaper” Vietnam Moving is one of the reliable units, wishing to serve customers with the most reasonable price. When you need, our staff will come to your location to make a survey and give you quotation so for the right quotation, please contact us directly.

We do not limit the time of work, so customers can easily request to use our record management services at all times convenient for you via following: VIETNAM MOVING CO. LTD.

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