Rules and Regulations of Payment

To make a payment for the Vietnam Moving service, you usually follow the steps as follows:

Pay a deposit

After signing the contract, you will pay Vietnam Moving an amount equal to 50% of the contract value. In some cases, depending on different orders, the deposit may vary. If you trust in the company and want to pay the full fee in advance, you are welcomed to do that.

Check, take over and sign for confirmation

After the furniture is transferred to the required location, you check your belongings. We can proceed to liquidate the contract when you find that there are not any damages or losses. Finally, you pay the remaining money for Vietnam Moving.

In case our staff cause any breakages or losses, Vietnam Moving will pay full compensation to the market price at the transportation time.

How to make the service payment

You will pay all the expenses for the Vietnam Moving Company by online payment.

After the accounting apartment confirms your payment, an electronic bill from the Vietnam Moving Company will be sent to your email.

The two most popular forms of payment that are selected by almost all the customers in Vietnam Moving include:

  • Domestic ATM Card

  • Visa / Mastercard

The information above is to provide customers in Vietnam Moving with rules and regulations of payment. If you intend to use the services at our company, this article is definitely useful for you. Vietnam Moving is a top-ranking service company in Vietnam with affordable prices and a clear and simple form of payment. Trust us and get the most satisfactory service right now!

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