Human Resources

After more than 10 years of establishment and development, Vietnam Moving has been growing with abundant human resources with about 200 enthusiastic, professional and dedicated employees for customers.

human resources

The team of managers is well-trained; then they are excellent at handling various problems during the working process as well as providing solutions to meet customers' needs.

The team of consultants is trained with basic and advanced specialized knowledge. They are able to give useful advice and answer all questions of customers.

The survey team is of top quality because they represent the company and directly serve customers. Therefore, Vietnam Moving spends much time training numerous skills for this team to provide the customers with the best service.

Supervision staff is also strictly trained. Their mission is to make sure everything to be monitored closely and implemented in a proper process while ensuring labor safety.

Construction staff is trained from basic to advanced levels. They will take care of all the work, from packing to transferring equipment to ensure the safety of customers' belongings. Vietnam Moving also guides the staff on how to communicate and work with customers.

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