Truck Leasing Service

A truck is really a helpful tool for transporting goods. That being said, not everyone can afford to buy it. Therefore, besides house & office moving services, Vietnam Moving introduces you to truck leasing service in the hope of providing you with the most convenient moving.

Truck Leasing Service

Why is the truck leasing service highly recommended?

For many of you, good transportation is challenging work because it takes you considerable time, effort and money. Then, you think about taking truck rental to support you this heavy work. In the market today, there are a significant number of companies supplying this service. Of these companies, Vietnam Moving has gained the trust of so many customers.

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Truck Leasing Service

Enthusiastic staff

With a team of professional staff, Vietnam Moving ensures to move your furniture or goods on schedule.

When using the package transfer service of the company, all the thing you need to do is monitor the working process. Different members of our team will be responsible for various types of work. If you want to arrange the items in your own way, then our staff will implement to your exact requirements.

Trucks with various weight capacities

Vietnam Moving offers you trucks with a variety of weight capacities. Therefore, there are a lot of choices for you. No matter what kinds of goods you need to transfer or what purpose you use the trucks for, our trucks can meet almost all your demands.

Truck Leasing Service
Truck Leasing Service

Prestigious and professional service brand

When hiring our package transport service, you will get a lot of incentives. In particular, it will come as a surprise to know that the cost of service is perfectly reasonable.

With careful packing and high-quality trucks, the company certainly will offer your goods a high level of security. During the transporting process, if any damage or breakage occur, Vietnam Moving commits to pay full compensation.

Hệ thống xe tải cho thuê của Vietnam Moving

  • Xe taxi tải dưới 1 tấn

  • Xe tải từ 1,2 đến 1,5 tấn

  • Xe tải 1,7 đến 1,9 tấn

  • Xe tải nâng hạ hàng

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