Self-moving Service – Greater Convenience & Bigger Save!

  • You are in need of moving to another location but your personal budget is not afforded to have a moving service from A to Z.
  • You are experiencing sleepless nights to find the solution for this problem.
  • You feel worried everyday about your long-distance move.

Moving is never an easy work to do it yourself. There are so many unforeseen problems can arise that you can’t handle. And do you want to get full service move quality for truck rental pricing?

So, it is about time to take the self-moving service that Vietnam Moving provides. This service will help you save much more than ever. Moreover, you also can fully experience the convenience this service brings back.

What is self-moving service?

Self-moving service is the relationship between full-service movers and truck rental. It means that you can have the full moving service with the price of a rental truck. We provide you high quality packaging materials and boxes and you can package your personal belongings and goods yourself. Then, we send a truck with the size belong to the quality of your goods, right at your door. Finally, we drive you and your things to the new location. You can enjoy your move without stress and driving, with the biggest save ever.

Benefits of self-moving service


One of the best factors of self-moving service is convenience. Or, in the other way, we can say it is freedom or safety as you want. Because we will supply high materials for your packaging and you can do it yourself at your home. By this way, you can package all your personal belongings, including: fragile things and special things…as your wish.

Moreover, you can hand some small package of your things if you think it needs to. By packaging all the things yourself, you can completely assure that all your belongings are safe. As usual, we often give you 3 days to make all your goods packaged. When you are finished, just call for a pick up appointment and we will pick it up and deliver to your new location.

Big Save

Self-moving service brings you the greatest saving ever of movers. As we said above, you can have the full moving service with the price of a rental truck. Moreover, you even just have to pay for the space you use. That will be a big save. With this kind of moving service, you will never have to worry about your budget.

Flexibility on Time

We know that time is very important to your move. In addition of the time that we give you to package all of your belongings, we also give you time to make the things in order, and then wait for our come. Moreover, we also offer 24 hours tracking of all shipments. Our experienced and deligent staffs can help coordinate your move to fit your busy schedule.

The cross-country transit times that average just 2-5 business days, so belong to your distance, the time will be longer or shorter to arrive at your new home.

Safety and Quality

Long driving is not an easy work and it may take risks. So with our self-moving service, you can take control of your move and peace of mind in the process.  Especially, there are no commingled or transferred shipments.

With many years of moving experienced, we assure to take you and your goods to the right place in the shortest time. Your move will be smoothly and hassle free.

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving’s self-moving service?

Vietnam Moving is one of the leading national move companies in Vietnam. With so many years in this field, we have gained the trust of a large number of customers. It is all thank to our quality services that we provide.

We have enthusiastic profesional and deligent staffs to serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “The customer is always right” is our main motto. We work to perfect ourselves and improve our quality day by day.

Our self-moving service is the best choice if you are a prissy man and you want all of your belongings are packaged by yourself; and if you want to save for your budget. We provide the most prestigious and lowest cost service with the high quality and safety.

After all, if you are in need of moving to a new location, so do not hesitate to contact to Vietnam Moving hotline right now. Our enthusiastic and politeness staffs will be willing to answer all of your questions from A to Z to help your move goes smoothly.

Do not let this problem makes you feel worried. Let Vietnam Moving help by providing you the self-moving service and make your move be easier and cheaper than ever.