+ You are consufused because you intend to move your office but you have not found a moving service?

+ You want to find a reputable moving service with affordable price that guarantees quality for all of your assets?

+ You want to get staffs to work everything from A to Z?

All your needs and desires will be made easily and quickly if you contact directly our Vietnam Moving Company today!

Prestigious Office Moves Service

Vietnam Moving will make it easy for businesses to find an effective office moves solution, and low cost for large or small offices all over the world. In particular, our company will provide free packaging at discounted price to make office moving is done in safest and fastest way.

We always have a full range of high quality vehicles for your entire national and international moving goods to be safe. If you are in need of office moves service with cabinets, desks, electronic equipment, papers, records … call our staffs right now to be served promptly!

Our mottos:

The customer is always right, safety goods and lowest cost in the market.

Possession of large networksProfessional packaging servicesNational and international services
At present, Vietnam Moving is having a network of small branches specializing in office moves with low price operating national and internationally.We have many years of experience in the field of packaging and transportation of goods, machines, equipment, furniture….Due to the increasing demand of our customers, we have built a national and international office moves system. Our customers will be served thoughtfully with the lowest cost.

Why office moves services are born?

We fully understand that moving office to the new location is totally a challenging and difficulty for many service companies.  Especially for those companies, enterprises that do not have much experience and own a small number of staff. In addition, if you move your office yourself, you can meet some problems that may arise in terms of scale, budget, time, and moving speed.

You do not know that even moving only a few items from one building to another is a very tired. We have a large number of qualified staffs who can help you do the job so easily.

Our staffs who have many years of professional experience and be educated perfectly with have a high sense of responsibility and professional workflow will help you make the office moves package from A to Z. They can help you to create a perfect plan, prepare packing materials, arrange furniture, pack and move all the things to the new office in just a short time.

Through many years of experience in this field by having been conducted many office moves contracts throughout the country and internationally, Vietnam Moving is constantly working on the job to become the No. 1 office moves service which is well known nationally and internationally.

What information do the customers need to be provided?

+ The exact date and time they want to do their office moves

+ The exact address and the name of the company where you want to move.

+ The exact address where you want to move to

+ The department is looking to move furniture by day or by stage

+ The number of devices such as computers, printers, air conditioners … need to be moved.

+ Some items need to be paid attention.

Our work process

+ Estimated the amount of furniture that need to be moved

Firstly, customers contact the Vietnam Moving hotline to inform about their needs, give exact date and time and estimate the amount of furniture to be moved.

After completing this step, you will be consulted by the counselor who will arrange the person come to the office directly for statistical purposes.

+ Making a specific  moving plan

Our staff will be at your office to perform inspection duties, statistical properties. Then, they will come up with a specific office moves plan.

After 24 to 48 hours, we will send an email with the exact schedule of work to be done.

+ Packing and Delivering

At the right time, we will be present at the office with available packaging materials. After that, the staff will take care of the packing and move onto the new office location.

+ Arranging and assembling

After arriving at the new location, we will help you to make arrangements and assemble furniture according to customer requirements to save time.

As you can see, nowadays cheap office moving service is an easy work for you if you know a prestigious unit. And Vietnam Moving will be the best choice for you in this field!

If you are wishing to move your office in the country or internationally, please contact directly to the Vietnam Moving company for quick assistance with the cheapest cost!