For so many reasons, you have to move your office, your house, your shop… to another place which is much more suitable with you.  But there are too many things that you need to move like papers, things, furniture or machines…That’s why you need National Move Services.

With so many years operation in the field of moving house – office services, Vietnam Moving is confident to be the best choice whenever you need.

What can National Move help you?

National  Moves  are services that help you to bring all of things in your house, your office to another place whenever and wherever you need. This is a professional way to bring all the things quickly, safely and absolutely cheaply.

Why you have to choose Vietnam Moving?

There are so many National move companies in Vietnam, so why you have to choose Vietnam Moving? Let’s give you the answer and you will totally be persuaded:

Firstly, moving your office fastest: Time is priceless. We know that every second pass by, your company is loosing money more and more. So that, we always work with the aim to bring all of your things to new place in the shortest time.

It only takes Vietnam Moving just 4 – 6 hours to finish moving process and your office will be ready to work as usual.

Secondly, profession. There are so many National Move services in Vietnam, but we’d like you to choose Vietnam Moving. Cause we have best staffs to classify and mark your things clearly. Moreover, we never let your things disappear with no reason.

Thirdly, time is all depend on you. The customer is always right.We’ll serve you anytime, anywhere you want even it’s night, mid-night or weekend.

Fourthly, all the electronic components, furniture will be removed / assembled professionally, you will not need to call any other services.

Fifthly, we bring you the cheapest service, so you can save much for your work.

Moreover, we will consult you for free about moving office issues.

Workflow of National Moving Services at Vietnam Moving:

If you want to know how Vietnam Moving work, we will show you our workflow from A to Z about moving your office:

  • Receivie customer’s order: When we take your calls and requests to move the office, our staff will record your information and send the person to the field.
  • Survey, quotation and contract: The staff of Vietnam Moving will come directly to your office to survey the number of items to move, the distance to transport to calculate the price and give you a contract.
  • Moving your office as the contract: When your contract with us is signed, we will proceed to the office moving agent at your request. All shipping items will be packaged, delivered to a new location. Then, at the new office, we will rearrange the items exactly according to your requirements.
  • Acceptance, payment of the contract: When the transportation, the arrangement of furniture is complete, you can evaluate, consider every task. Upon completion, you will pay us as the contract.

The price of National Move services at Vietnam Moving:

Depending on the requirements of the number of goods to be transported, the distance required by the customer, we will quotes specific prices to customers. If you agree to the price, we will enter into a contract with you.

But there’s one thing that we can assure you that we always bring you the cheapest and safest services of moving the office.

The commitment of Vietnam Moving:

Prestige and quality  are always the top criteria of Vietnam Moving. We are committed to customer’s choice of package transfer service:

+ We compensate 100% damaged equipments, goods, lost goods of your company if the fault is caused by our staffs.

+ We bring you the cheapest and safest National Move services

 + We always create the best conditions for our customers: Flexibility in moving time to help you control your work well.

  • Vietnam Moving is a National Move Company in Vietnam and we’re confident to be the best one in this fields.

All of the information about moving process is public on our website: and this help you to know exactly what our staffs will do with your office when you need us.

We have professionally trained staffs consists of various teams in charge of various tasks, such as: The packing team, The electronic engineering team and The carpenter team.

We always work on time as our customer’s require.

With all these above information, we hope you will choose Vietnam Moving to be your partner in moving your office.

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet, just take the phone and call us and you won’t be disappoited about your choice.

Think about Nation Move, think about Vietnam Moving!

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