Nowadays, the range of living or business is not only limited within the country, but also extended to many countries all over the world. This is the reason why international move services are also much more developed day by day to meet the demand for moving and commodity circulation.

Thus, international move companies also appear, but not all of them can offer you a not only cheap but also quality service. And Vietnam Moving is just the only one can provide you that. The article below will be the most corporeal proof.

International Move

Vietnam Moving provides extremely attractive international move price

In order to increase competitiveness as well as to be choosen much more by customers, Vietnam Moving has provided the lowest price for national and internatonal move services, the cost for per package of goods is appropriate, with a large number of packages which meet the needs of many different customers.

We assure that there will be no incurred cost. Before signing the contract, we will provide you a quotation to make reference, comparison and selection yourself. However, the most important is that we provide a low cost service but we always take the quality as the first priority.

Quality of international move services of Vietnam Moving

Our staffs are well trained with much of experience in this field for so many years from packaging to moving and escorting your goods.

Vietnam Moving has a large network of agents and transaction offices in many countries throughout the world.

The amount of total time of moving is depended on the type of goods. If they are totally simple things, the moving time will take 1 or 2 days. If they are bulky goods, the moving time will be a little longer. However, we assure that the moving time is faster than any other international move company in Vietnam.

Buying insurance is gradually becomes a necessary work to do for not only national but also international move of all commodities, especially important commodities. International move services of Vietnam Moving provides you insurance service in order to minimize damages and compensate for all goods.

We got diverse forms of transportation, such as: roadways, railways, waterways, airways … Depending on the needs of the business owner or family, you can choose the suitable form up to your financial condition as well as the needs of your family or office.

Quick and simple legal procedures will ensure that the goods be moved to the right place on time.

International Move

Moving process

Step 1: We will send a staff to your office to survey pre-migration.  This will help our customers select the most suitable packaging material for the best possible protection of goods and travel.

Step 2: Suggesting ideas: With the diverse experience of many years in this field, the company’s staff will recommend information about services such as: routing, paperwork needed, cost …

Step 3: Packing before moving: The international move company will send qualified, honest and courteous staffs to pack your belongings.

Step 4: Moving goods back to stock: Goods and furniture will be brought to the stock. They will be secured before moving abroad.

Step 5: Move the goods to the right place: The company always sends staff to closely monitor the process of moving until the goods are delivered to the right place as the customer’s requests.

Vietnam Moving’s commitment with customers

We got the owest price on the market, ensuring all benefits to our customers.

We listen to all comments from our customers to constantly improve our international move service better day by day.

We support free consultation and paperwork.

Move all of the goods safely, fast and come to right place.

We bring absolute satisfaction to our customers when they decide to choose Vietnam Moving move services.

International Move

Benefits when you choose Vietnam Moving – International move service

All of the goods are guaranteed to be absolutely safe during the moving process, arrive at the right place and on time. There is absolutely no case of lost goods or delayed.

Our customers will be enjoyed the most favorable price. We assure to bring you the lowest price that you can never find in such a high quality moving service like us.

Customer service attitude is enthusiastic, caring and responsible from the experienced staffs of Vietnam Moving.

If individuals, family or organizations … are in the need of international move, please contact us immediately. Vietnam Moving move services ensure to provide prestigious moving service with most affordable price on the market. Let’s make your office moves become an easy job to do whenever you want. With our help, all of your belongings will come to the new place with none of any scratches.

Think about international move services – Think about Vietnam Moving!

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