You need a quick house moving or household mover but you have never experienced in moving furniture. So you do not know what to prepare, how to wrap and package all your belongings and furniture?

It is about time for you to think of an all in one household mover but you do not know credibly moving companies in the town where you live, and fear of meeting poor-quality companies which makes you feel not reassuring.

The things you have been fretted and worried about are true,  as today, newspapers, forums or on social networks reported a lot of companies have lost things, damaged and broken the goods during transport with unprofessional working attitude and additonal costs without forewarning. And all of these things cause customers anxious and lack of trust.

The home mover is not difficult, it is just difficult because you have not known about such a prestigious company like Vietnam Moving. All your concerns will be completely resolved quickly with the help from us.

Vietnam Moving – Commit to bring the greatest benefit in house moving

Home Moving is a process, it takes a lot of different steps that the company providing the service as we will plan the details from the beginning till the end to the customer. In each stage, there will be a dedicated team to give the customer a professional, experienced, enthusiastic and friendly service. Currently, with the household mover, Vietnam Moving divided the staffs into specialized teams to undertake the various basic tasks, such as:

  • Packing team: Do sorting work, packing furniture, household items, wrapping and packing all fragile things, transporting separately.
  • Carpentry team: Packing furniture such as bed, cabinet, wardrobe…
  • Electronic and refrigeration engineering team: Take care of the dismantling of household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, gas cookers, TVs, loudspeakers … and carefully packed them. When arrive at the new home, they will carry out the installation on request.

And a lot of staffs to carry out other work to ensure the household mover has no omissions or interruptions at all.

The staff will perform four basic steps:

Firstly, wrap all the furniture in the original location

Secondly, perform loading all the furniture onto trucks

Thirdly, transport to the location request from the customer

Fourthly, unload furniture, moving furniture into the new house.

With the household mover by Vietnam Moving, all goods and belongings of customers are guaranteed maximum safety. We are committed to compensate 100% of the present value of the item if any damage occurs. This is the agreement specified in the contract with the customer.

In addition, we always quote detailed with reasonable prices for customers when using the service of us. If you need this service, you just have to contact us and provide information, we will conduct a survey to know the wishes and demands of our customers, help the home moving be conducted fastest and most effective.

The information that we survey in order to choose: vehicles move, transportation route and time taken, planned situations happened … From all of that, we will give a reasonable price, ensure the competitiveness with every single company offering other services and ensure the benefits of you.

Vietnam Moving towards long-term and sustainable development. Therefore, ensuring the prestige of the brand and satisfying the customer’s benefits is always our top priority.

Why do many people choose the household mover service of Vietnam Moving?

The all in one home moving service of Vietnam Moving is proud to become a partner of many businesses, offices and become a reliable partner of the majority of households. We just commit to provide quality service with cheapest price to customer which helps save the time. Coming to us is getting the benefits:

  • Help families stay relaxed and secure by our professional relocation process, which is supported by every moving job.
  • Safety factor for all things, pledge 100% compensation for any problems with furniture.
  • Signed a detailed contract with a detailed price quote, committed no additional costs during the transportation
  • Supported by a dedicated team of professional and responsible staffs, a diverse fleet of trucks
  • Have the right to decide the problems that occur during the transportation process such as stopping work immediately when the staffs is working ineffectively, choosing the solution we came up when the problem occurred…

Vietnam Moving with the fastest household mover packages, hopes to bring you the most quality and most effective service.

After all, if you think the service that Vietnam Moving provides is exactly what you are looking for, so do not let grass grow under your feet, pick up your phone and make a call to our hotline. Our enthusiastic courteous and honest staffs will answer all of your questions about your moving process. We always commit to bring you the safest, fastest with the lowest cost household mover in Vietnam.

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