Household Goods Moving at Vietnam Moving

+ You need to household goods moving in large quantities?

+ Does your family have a need to move to a new location but you have too much furniture?+ You want to find a specialist in the domestic and international transportation/ moving of household goods?Vietnam Moving is a prestigious unit in the field of moving household goods selected by many people will definitely help you get the best satisfaction!We will help you eliminate fatigue Vietnam Moving’s household goods moving service has over 10 years of experience in the industry. At the same time, we have also helped many families to do moving work from A to Z without being tired or stressed. No matter how much you have the goods, we will also dispatch the staff to pack and ship to you quickly.

What is our household goods moving delivery service?

+ Own a staff of prestigious, highly qualified, well trained.

+ Local, long-distance or international transportation household goods moving services.

+ Provide the most appropriate way to move the family

+ Planning, coordinating staff to perform work effectively

+ Packing professional furniture by trained staffs

+ All packing materials are free 100%

+ Packing, loading and unloading, moving time on the right time+ Can move special items such as artwork, cars

+ Provide local, long-term, short-term storage locations at the request of customers

+ Provide special support services for families in need

 Why choose Vietnam Moving Company?

Prepare the process is thoughtful


When using household Goods Moving, customers only need to list the items that need to be moved, make their requests to the staff. We will do the work immediately. In addition, the staff will also outline the best plan for moving, expected fleet, number of vehicles and 24/7 availability available to customers.

Professional workflow

Each family will have a need to transport different fixtures and equipment. That’s why we provide and make the move in the way you want. No matter what the customer needs, the staff will also handle and arrange them properly. For example, fragile items will be kept separate to avoid damage. When members of the family request to install, arrange their own furniture, Vietnam Moving is meticulous and thoughtful.

Because we know how to balance, manpower, material resources that helps to save for both customer and company. So as to be the best provider in this service in cheap price, we always put the question of surveying, estimating to the top, to take the most economical measures.

We are a time-saving service. Wherever you are, thanks to the wide coverage we have, the abundant human resources and resources you can be supported move quickly without having to. We provide home delivery services throughout the country, so customers can be assured of service as well as speed.

Domestic and international transportation services

Do you need to domestic, national or international household goods moving? Vietnam Moving Company will also adjust the plan according to your needs. We are now offering services in many provinces and countries, owning a solid network that can ensure the service meet the requirements, the time that customers need.

Household goods is always secure

The aim of Vietnam Moving Company is always towards the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, in the process of work we always look for ways to furniture, furniture is absolutely safe. If the furniture is lost or damaged, we will compensate for damage to the value of your belongingsEnsuring the safety of furniture is the way we save money and time. We understand “To be fast and save, first must be secure, proper process.” Care in service is what our customers have trusted in this company over the years.

Well trained and skillful staff


To build the reputation, brand name, Our household Goods Moving delivery service has been strictly trained.  A team of highly qualified staff s equipped ability to handle, pack and transport furniture in accordance with standards. In addition, the area in the house, furniture are always checked and to make sure their good quality condition in advance to minimize damage, carefully packed into the box for the best protection.

We always want customers to have absolute trust in the quality of service, always find ways to change the service to suit the needs of customers, so we have improved work progress, reduce unnecessary steps. Reduce the number of employees who move a house to fit the situation, add tools and equipment to make the process faster. Our employees always take the responsibility of making the head, doing all the work, even the smallest with the mind, enthusiasm and cautious. In addition, in order for our customers to be trustworthy, we offer a 100% refund on the value of the property at the time of the contract if the furniture is damaged or damaged during your household goods moving process.

To use the cheap service of household goods move for your family of Vietnam Moving company and receive the most attractive promotion, please contact us immediately for advice and support in time!

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