International Moving Service is provided by companies which allow you to transport goods from one place to another, especially abroad. This service is not limited in nearby local but it is wide all over the world. It contains: Packing Pack, loading, unloading, shipping, arrangement of merchandise. Also, some additional services include: cleaning your home, office or storage warehouse.


International transport service

International transport service are born not only to meet the demands of goods transit and foreign trade, but also to relieve the customers of the process of paperwork required for the export process. Goods can easily cross the borders.Choosing a high quality international shipping service creates 50% in the success of the expansion of the international business network of individuals and enterprises. Therefore, Vietnam Moving provides international transportation services to help move, import and export goods more easily, quickly, safely and economically.To have a good choice, we should clear are the categories of international moving services provided by Vietnam Moving now?

+ Freight shipping by air.

+ Freight retailing.

+ Customs procedures for export goods.

+ Apply for certification of origin, quality of products.

+ Door to door merchandise.

+ Import-export trust services.

+ Packing, packing export goods.

+ Warehouse rental service domestic and abroad.

Modern equipment

International shipping services provided by reputable companies such as Vietnam Moving … will ensure that your goods are in optimal safety. With the system of equipments, modern machinery and facilities for all the branches in our country and also in other countries outside the region, the transported goods are intact and safe is not a big deal any more.

Trust and use the service. Then your goods will be packed with high quality materials which are environmentaly friendly and safe for the product throughout the journey.

Dedicated, thoughtful Staff

Handling, transporting and storing belongings are other forms of art. In international transport services field, due to the wide range of goods delivery, staff must also be skillful and cable to deal with their tasks. In Vietnam, Vietnam Moving is one of the best ever of transport companies with a team of courteous, careful, secure, well trained staffs and this element really create  customer trust in our staffs and services.

After the surveys, the consultants of Vietnam Moving will be based on what is recorded on their  surveys to show and explain to customer the way how to divide of the furniture by the most suitable method.

The customer’s personal point of view is a vital part in carrying out the task of partitioning the property.Your ideas will be carefully listened to and understood and conduct exactly by our staff, such as: fragile items, objects that are susceptible to collisions, or items of a personal hobbits or memory stuffs… are noted for detail. From there, our team will have a plan to provide best advise to serve customers in the most effectively way.

Easy transportation, wide network

With the network coverage of the company, goods are transported all over the world by air, road, rail and maritime are all favorable. In particular, the trade with ASEAN countries, Vietnam Moving support at very favorable cost. Moreover, the scale of international transportation of Vietnam Moving is not limited to South East Asia but also to developed countries in the world such as America, France, Dubai … International transportation just helps all economy grow up and develop.

International transportation by air, it is the fastest and most secure means of transshipment of all forms, so it is highly regarded by Vietnam Moving and other reputable service providers.

Some types of documents, import export documents need to have in the international trade process you may want to learn such as: Carriage of goods by air; Customs procedures for export goods; Apply for certification of goods origin, product quality ; Door to door, Import-export trust services.

During transit, move managers coordinate the various stages of the shipment – including ground transportation, port of exit handling, international moving, port of entry handling, customs clearance and final delivery. Each shipment is tracked through trafficking system, giving move mangers and customers complete visibility to the status of a shipment.


With the strong development and prestige of international freight service, our customers can reliable on ussing the service without woriness about your demands to transport goods outside the area. By doing business with foreign countries, Vietnamese enterprises encounters a lot of complexities related to transportation, modes of transport, customs, taxation, export and import paperwork, etc… We are willing to be your excellent companion and helper.Depending on your requirements, the goods and the country that you want to ship, we will provide the corresponding service. We accept sea freight (consol and bulk cargo), road, rail, air. We also advise companies how to transfer goods in the most cost-saving manner.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact, we provide a completely free consultation to better understand, saving time, nature and cost of using the service for all customers.

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