Vietnam Moving has long been a reputable moving company not only domestically but also internationally. So what are the advantages of international movers services which Vietnam provides or the benefits Vietnam Moving’s customers receive when using the services of this company?

In this article, you will find out all the reasons about this. Read it carefully and try one time to be persuaded by the international movers service of Vietnam Moving.

Fast moving process

Quickness always be one of the top criteria of Vietnam Moving to be a service provider, especially the international movers service to customers.

Normally, after receiving and signing the contract, Vietnam Moving will send the staffs to proceed the transportation. The entire process lasts for only four to six hours, depending on the distance of moving and the number of items. More than that, today, many families or businesses often watch the day before moving home or moving the office to bring wealth to the home ownership. Understanding this need, Vietnam Moving is ready to move home or office as the request of the customer, even it is Saturday and Sunday.

International movers

The rapid process of proceeding moving service

Promote the safety of customer’s furniture

Vietnam Moving not only provides a fast service, but security is also very concerned. When using international movers service of us, you can completely secure about your furniture, your documents or your available equipment. Instead of doing a bulky and strenuous moving yourself, with the high possibility of lost or damaged items, why do not you use the moving service of Vietnam Moving?

With well-trained and professional staffs, we will arrange, pack and transport your belongings carefully and thoughtfully. We minimize the loss or damage to your goods.

International movers

Goods are classified for transportation

Professional staffs

To provide the cheap international movers service to our customers smoothly, each part of Vietnam Moving is divided clearly to assume different professional roles.

The carpenter’s team specializes in dismantling, assembling or decorating wooden furniture.

The technical, electronics, refrigeration teams in charge of household appliances or machinery in the company.

The packaged team will sort the furniture, pack and arrange them carefully. Particularly, fragile items or souvenirs will be wrapped and packaged separately.

The driver will research the travel distance and give the shortest route, which saves costs and limits the risk to customers.

Transparent Payment Process

To receive the contract of international movers service, Vietnam Moving publicly perform four steps:

– Receive service request from customer: Right after customers register to use the service of Vietnam Moving, the consultant team will send the caller to confirm the information as well as introducing about the movers service.

– Practical survey and quotation: For this step, we will send a professional team to your family or business for a realistic evaluation as well as a detailed plan and quotation of the service. When the two sides have come to unification, Vietnam Moving and customers will proceed to sign the contract.

Moving house, moving office: Immediately right after the agreement between the two parties, Vietnam Moving will carry out the contract as soon as possible.

– Payment: Finally, after completing all moving work, the family or business can assess the quality of the service and make payments or claiming the loss if there is one.

International movers

Provide cheap international movers service

The regime of care and preferences for customers

– Vietnam Moving commits 100% refund to customers on damaged goods due to staff dropping, breaking or misplaced of the moving.

– When performing international movers service at new residence or office, we will carry out dismantling, assembling and arranging furniture, furnishings, air conditioning; install television, wifi… as the customer’s request without any additional fees.

Not only that, couples with children, pupils, students or charity organizations will receive many special offers from Vietnam Moving.

International movers

Vietnam Moving brings many beneficial policies to customers

With the outstanding points on, Vietnam Moving is a reliable worthy companion on the road of building a career, a family; the company provides the leading prestige international movers service.

After all, if you are in need of moving to a new location, so do not hesitate to contact to Vietnam Moving hotline right now. Our enthusiastic and politeness staffs will be willing to answer all of your questions from A to Z to help your move goes smoothly.

Do not let this problem has just a chance to make you feel worried. Let Vietnam Moving help by providing you the international movers service and make your move be easier and cheaper than ever. Let’s experience this perfect with high quality service yourself and be totally persuaded by us.

We promise to bring you the most satisfaction. Think about international movers service, think about Vietnam Moving!